Genetics of Diabetes and Transcriptional Regulation of Pancreatic Beta-cell Function

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Dr. Bell’s research focuses on the genetics of diabetes mellitus and the biology of the insulin-secreting pancreatic beta-cell. The goals of his research program are:

1) to identify the genes that contribute to the development of diabetes and its complications and to determine the molecular and physiological mechanisms by which they control blood glucose levels; and

2) to identify transcriptional regulatory networks responsible for the regulation of gene expession in pancreatic beta-cell using genome-scale approaches.

He and his colleagues are using various genetic approaches to map and identify the genes that affect development of type 2 diabetes mellitus as well as diabetic complications. They carry out studies in both humans and mouse models to determine the mechanisms by which the diabetes genes they identify affect blood glucose levels. Their studies of pancreatic beta-cells are focused on understanding the transcriptional regulatory networks that determine normal cell function.

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